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Ace Import Ltd.


Our company is mainly interested in  medical aesthetic and cosmetic technologies, that requires a high level of professional competence, as well as educational and sales infrastructure.

We are open to new and effective cosmetic and aesthetic innovation, furthermore we have all the necessary background condition to launch these products to the middle european region.

Our currently distributed and offered technologies were introduced by us to the hungarian market, so we have extended experiences in establishment of reliable educational network and service facilities. Our marketing activities, beside the workshops, participations and presentations on exhibitions, but also expand to high-level web SEO & SEM development which is carried out by our full-time web developer staff.

Our company is in possession of own capital without credits, own 770m2 property, 250m2 business centre and we employ 9 employees. Company continuously works with long-term business plan since 1991. Our sales continuously rise year by year, none the less; our country is affected by economic crisis.

In all 19 counties of Hungary we have distributors and trainers, in addition in several EU countries have partners who represent our company with full range of products.

Our group of company the Beauty Well Group is composed of several companies: where the importing and exporting are performed by Ace Import Kft., the testing of the products and the training works are carried out by Wellness Kozmetika, and the Hungarian central sale of the devices and products are performed by Elektron Cosmetics Kft.