Medical aesthetic technologies

Our Product Development Department is continuously monitoring the world market, and in a case of effective innovation, we do not hesitate to place it on the Hungarian market. The products we are currently marketing were introduced by us to the Hungarian market. Our offered technologies are used for many years within our team of medical aestheticians, which allows us to have a very deep knowledge regarding these treatment and products. We have extended experiences to establish a reliable educational network and service facilities. We have two branches near Budapest, wholesalers in every county in Hungary and several distributor partners in the Middle-European region. We also put a lot of effort to support our  distributors and customers with online and offline marketing materials and 0-24 professional support via telephone. Each of our distributor co-operative company has its own educational centre and full range of products. They make sure that our innovations are represented in professional exhibitions of the surrounding countries, as Serbia, Romania, Slovakia.


Our aim is to have direct business relationship with factories, who provide us all the necessary products that can be needed for a professional beauty therapist.  At the present we import from more than 30 partners on a monthly basis, from Europe, North and South America, and Far East.

We established the Medical Beauty Group in 2005:

  • where the import and export activities are performed by Ace-Import Ltd.,
  • the testing and the training are carried out by Wellness Kozmetika,
  • and the Central Hungarian sales center is Elektron Cosmetics Ltd.

How can we keep our favorable prices?

  1. Close collaboration with factories ensure the best purchase price.
  2. Our company possess own stable capital without credits.
  3. It has exceptionally up to date and efficient infrastructure.
  4. Wide selection and large quantity stock.
  5. Reduced marketing expenditures.

Company center details:


  • 770 m2 Site area
  • 250 m2 Office area
  • 18 m2 Showroom
  • 31 m2 Training room
  • 4*15 m2 Test treatment room
  • 65 m2 Storage
  • 18 Spaces free parking
  • 11 Employees
  • Private Dermatologist
  • Private Product development team
  • Private Market research team
  • Private Service department
  • Private SEO department
  • Private Educational department

Medical Beauty Webshop

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Our young expert team is extremely energetic and creative; these features ensure the constant innovation.

According to our business plan we provide our customers the newest technologies with the most reasonable prices. Our product development team is going to follow the quality control of the existing products. Meanwhile we collect all our partners feedback about our technologies, and in a case of reasonable concern we will advise our manufacturers further development. We are going to participate in all major domestic and international exhibitions, and increase the reputation of our marketed products.

Our name is linked with the introduction of the following main technologies in the Middle-European region:

  • 2005 – Eyelash extensions
  • 2005 – Diamond Head Microdermabrasion
  • 2006 – Active ingredients for Mesotherapy
  • 2008 – Mesotherapy – Needle-free (Electroporation)
  • 2009 – Mesotherapy – Dermaroller
  • 2009 – Cavitation Ultrasound
  • 2010 – Desinfectionary products
  • 2011 – Wave Massage – Lymphatic massage DRAINING
  • 2012 – Mesotherapy – Mezopen
  • 2012 – Permanent MakeUp System – Premium Inks
  • 2012 – Mesotherapy – a new generation of Active Ingredients
  • 2013 – Acid Peeling system
  • 2014 – Educational System of the Permanent MakeUp System’s
  • 2014 – Microblading – new technology of eyebrow permanent make up
  • 2014 – Beauty machines (VIO, US, Steamer etc.).
  • 2015 – Professional cosmetics for salon treatments (facial and body)
  • 2015 – Permanent MakeUp System: a new generation of inks, machines, equipments of permanent make up

Our Plans


  • Cosmoprof(Italy)
  • Cosmetics Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Beauty Forum Kolozsvar(Romania)
  • Sajam Kozmetike Dodir Pariza(Serbia)
  • Beauty Forum(Hungary)
  • Sajam Kozmetike(Serbia)
  • Beauty Forum(Slovakia)


  • Beauty Forum (Hungary)
  • Cosmo Prof (Las Vegas)
  • Beauty Forum (Romania)
  • Beauty World (Dubai)
  • Beauty Forum (Slovakia)
  • Guangzhou International Beauty Expo(China)
  • Inter Beauty(Czech)
  • Sajam Kozmetike (Serbia)
  • Beauty Expo(Hungary)


  • Március – Cosmoprof (Bologna)
  • Március – Beauty Forum (Romania)
  • Április – Cosmetics Belgrad(Serbia)
  • Április – Beauty Forum (Hungary)
  • Romania Beauty Expo (Romania)
  • Guangzhou Beauty Expo(China)


  • Romania Beauty Expo(Romania)
  • CosmoProf(Hong Kong)
  • CosmoProf(Italy)
  • Beauty Forum(Hungary)


  • Beauty Forum (Hungary)
  • CosmoProf (Italy)


  • CosmoProf(Italy)
  • Beauty Forum(Hungary)


  • Beauty Forum(Hungary)
  • CosmoProf(Italy)