cavitationOur Cavitation device uses the most advanced technology of the slimming industry. It highly combines the advantage of Ultrasonic cavitation, and Tri-polar and Multi-polar RF. It has a perfect treatment result for weight losing and connenctive tissue strengthening. Radiofrequncy produce heat under dermis which make the initial collagen re-growth, most of our customers successfully use the device in a case of sagging face or body skin. Subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and make the skin tightening, smooth and fresh!

Our testing team is working with this model for years, and until today we achieved significant product sale in this field too.

According to the Hungarian needs our company offers cavitation device in a favourable price range. High-quality device satisfy all customer needs, and treatment results seems to be outstanding and durable. The units have rugged construction, and are suitable for permanent 24-hour use. The conductor is made of a special light alloy.We also market gels and ampoulas specially developed for cavitation to help the process of fat breakdown.

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