dermarollerOur company offers a wide selection of “CE” certified medical and cosmetic dermaroller. We stock dermarollers, with standard and narrow width, and with 75, 200 or 540 wear-proof titatium needles, and with a needle length of 0,5 – 3 mm.

Our basic principle is the completeness, so dermaroller as any of our product range include complementary accessories, such as medical disinfectant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory products and sterile rubber glowes.

We offer a wide range of mesotherapy products that perfectly fit to our dermaroller procedures. The efficiancy of collagen induction with mesotherapy ingedients can be doubled.

In the selection every of our customer would find 80 different kind of special, 100% pure mesotherapy ampoule, that can be cure for most of the skin conditions or damages.

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We provide free education for each kit across the country, so our partners can perform dermaroller therapy with the highest professional knowledge and practice.

We conduct individual training courses, one by one trainer and trainee.

At our regularly conducted workshops we can represent effectively our manufacturer partners and their products with high competences and professional presentations.