EyeLash Extension

EyeLash Extension

eyelash extensionWe were the first Hungarian company that placed its own eyelash extension brand on the market. We have created our own international brand Gold Lashes in 2011, since then we kept our market leader position in this segment of beauty industry. Thanks to our standardized quality control – conducted by our testing team – the popularity of our products raised year by year, and now we are proud of the fact that we are the most remarkable supplier in the Middle European region.

Throughout Hungary’s 19 counties we have a large network of distributors and beauty therapist who represent our customer base. Our main market operates via our webshop: www.medicalbeauty.hu.

The range of our eyelash extension products combine tweezers, 3D and 4D lashes in a length of 6-18 mm with a width of 0,10-0,30 mm, glues, removers, protein removers, complementary accessories, holders, silicon pads, etc. All Gold Lashes products are manufactured by a product-specific factory according to our needs.

We provide free education for each kit across the country, so our partners can enjoy eyelash extensions with the highest professional knowledge and practice.

We conduct individual training courses, one by one trainer and trainee.

At our regularly conducted workshops we can represent effectively our manufacturer partners and their products with high competences and professional presentations.

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