Mesotherapy Products

Mesotherapy Products

We represent 5 manufacturer’s agents in Hungary: dermaheal-toskani-armeso

  • Toskani
  • Dermaheal
  • Armesso

We are proud to say that ACE-Import Ltd. has the largest selection of mesotherapy products in Hungary. Our market leadind role was built up in a last 5 year, and until today there is noone in the Middle-European region who would have this amount of assortment with the same professional support and training program.

Some of our ingredients belong to cosmetics, can be used for iontophoresis, ultrasound and as a part of a traditional beauty treatment. A large part of them are a cosmeceuticals, which mean that mainly can be used for electrophoresis and for needle mesotherapy (mesogun, dermaroller, mezopen). A smaller part of the products can be injected deep inside the dermis as a medical treatment.

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We provide free education for each kit across the country, so our partners can perform mesotherapy with the highest professional knowledge and practice.

We conduct individual training courses, one by one trainer and trainee.

At our regularly conducted workshops we can represent effectively our manufacturer partners and their products with high competences and professional presentations.