Professional cosmetics

Professional cosmetics from Arco Cosmetici, Italy


We have been looking for the perfect cosmetic product line for our customers for years. Finally after this long research in 2015 we found the manufacturer company called Arco Cosmetici. They have more than 30 years experience in the field of producing. Their fundamental principles are the naturality, creativity and qualitiy for a favourable

The two cosmetic lines we introduced to the Hungarian market are Beauty Salon and Dr. Kraut. These products are high qualitied, Italian brands. These two brands represent one of the most recent an innovative professional line proposed by Arco Cosmetici. They composed by specific products to the face and body care, formulated with natural active principles and assures good results from the first use. Offers a list of innovative treatments, practical and safe with an excellent quality-price ratio. They ensures a wide usage for the professionals according to the certain skin problems. The products can be combined in several ways. They can be use with electrical devices like ultrasonic or electroporation.

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We provide free education for each kit across the country, so our partners can perform dermaroller therapy with the highest professional knowledge and practice.

We conduct individual training courses, one by one trainer and trainee.

At our regularly conducted workshops we can represent effectively our manufacturer partners and their products with high competences and professional presentations.